what to reportThe following post contains Information from Colorado Link Project

(Remember the General Standards of Humane Care for Animals).

– pets left outside without adequate shelter, food or water

– animals that appears ill / injured and do  not appear to have had medical attention

– a pet with a badly matted coat

– an animal (including wildlife) that has been intentionally harmed

– abandoned properties with animals left behind

–  animal fighting activities

How To Report:

– describe what you witnessed

– provide the dates, times and locations of the incident or suspected incident (document patterns of progressively more harmful behaviors)

– provide the names and addresses of involved parties if known

-provide physical descriptions of the animal(s) involved (e.g., species, color, and size)

– describe what was done to the animal(s)

– provide physical descriptions of the people involved (e.g., male/female, clothing type/ color, facial  hair, unusual characteristics, etc.)

– provide descriptions of  vehicles- make, color, type, license numbers, distinguishing characteristics (e.g., racks, bumper stickers, etc.)

–  describe and potential safety concerns for responding investigators such as:

  • multiple or progressively more harmful incidents of abuse
  • use or presence of weapons
  • booby traps
  • dangerous animals on site ( running loose, trained attack animals, etc)
  • previous disturbances/conflicts with others
  • threats to harm another person or animal
  • other known or suspected criminal behaviors at the location
  • other known or suspected safety hazards
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