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About PetWill

Everyone who owns a pet should check out PetWill!

Thousands of cats and dogs end up in (kill) shelters every day because their owners pass away or get moved to nursing homes without having a plan in place for their pets. If something were to happen to you (or your entire family) today, what would happen to your pets? -Would anyone know to contact your cousin in New York who said 2 years ago that he would care for your dog should something happen to you? Would anyone know what medications they take and when, or how they like their kibble? Would anyone know that Mr. McFluffles likes a MilkBone after your evening stroll, or that the cat won’t eat unless you play her favorite song? Would anyone know how to care for your pets the way they are used to being cared for and loved?

PetWill can help with all of the above!

They give you 4 awesome features in one amazing product to protect your pet’s rights and life: a smart ID Pet Tag, a Legal Pet Trust Document, an Online Pet Profile, and a Printable Pet Profile!
Your PetWill can document each pet’s care instructions, diet, medications, allergies, microchip information, preferences, etc., all on their online profile!

They send you a Pet ID Tag that is linked to your pet’s online profile, which also helps your pets come home if they’re lost/found!

I HIGHLY recommend everyone who owns a pet check it out because you NEVER know when something will happen to you, and what would then happen to your pet.

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