If your pet is missing, start by contacting all of the shelters and rescues in the Valley, even if they are not in your town. People often find pets and take them to shelters on their way out of town.
Be proactive and contact all of the shelters and rescues, and contact the local Police Department and have them put you in contact with Animal Control from your town. Animal Control will keep an eye out for your pet and contact you when/if found.
Please post a picture (if possible) and include in your post:
-dog’s name (not necessary)
-age (puppy/kitten/adult/senior)
-date/time lost
-general location pet went missing from
-collar/harness description, if wearing one
-have you contacted your local shelters/animal control/PD?
-have you spoken with neighbors in the area?
-for missing indoor cats, have you tried setting their litter box outside so they can smell their scent to help draw them back home?
-if missing for more than 24 hours, have you posted flyers in the area?


If you find a pet, please take a picture (if possible) and it would be very helpful if you include in your post:
-location (address or street names)
-date/time found
-is the pet currently with you?
-have you contacted your local shelters/animal control/PD?
-people will often start by checking with local shelters if their pet goes missing, so even if you would rather find the owner on your own, please contact all of the shelters and rescues in the Valley and send them information about the dog and your contact information so they can reach you if the owners contact them. 
For Owner Verification Purposes, When You Find a Pet, Please Refrain from Posting:
-tags on collar
If someone claims to be the owner of an animal, please ask for proof; ask them to identify the collar and tags (if any), whether the dog is male or female, if male is he intact, and pictures are always helpful, as well as vet records. If you have doubts about whether or not someone is the proper owner of a pet, feel free to contact animal control to speak to the person claiming to be the owner, or reach out to us at or ask for an Admin to contact you in the SLV Lost and Found Facebook Group.  

What Can You Do to Keep Your Pet Safe?

•I encourage all Pet Parents to take current, up-to-date pictures of your pets to have in case your pet goes missing. Note any distinct markings that might help identify them.
•Always have a well-fitted collar on your dog and a breakaway safety collar on your cat, with tags, if possible, and never underestimate the power of registered microchips! Writing your phone number on their collar in permanent marker or investing in a personalized collar can also be very helpful! You can also purchase a PetWill for a one-time fee of $15.95 with no monthly or hidden fees, and your pet will get a Smart ID Tag that helps them come home if they ever get lost!
•Please do not leave your pets outside unattended for extended periods of time. Several pets have gone missing without a trace, and since there is known dog fighting in the San Luis Valley, we need to do everything possible to protect our pets from thieves and dog fighters.
•Spayed/Neutered Pets are less likely to wander off. If your pet is unaltered, please consider altering them to help reduce the population, prevent them from wandering off, and to reduce the risk of them being stolen for breeding purposes. Follow SLV Low-cost/Free Spay/Neuter Clinics for information on free/affordable spay/neuter services.

Photo by Jeremiah Higgins on Unsplash

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