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Animal Abuse, Neglect and Abandonment: Your Help is Needed
Are you aware of an animal that is being harmed? The Colorado Humane Society &
SPCA can help. In fact, in immediate life-threatening situations, we can rescue the
animal, get it to safety, and obtain appropriate care and treatment.

But how do you know if or when to report animal abuse, neglect or abandonment?
Here are some examples that may help you decide:

  • A cat or dog that is outside for long periods without food, water and shelter
  • An injured animal that does not appear to have received medical attention
  • A cat or dog with a badly matted coat; its movements may be restricted and its
    face may not be visible
  • An extremely thin horse with no visible food or water source
  • A possible dog-fighting operation
  • An abandoned property where animals may have been left behind

Most of the animals we see belong to individuals who are unaware of appropriate
animal care. The owners generally respond to information about their animals’ needs.
Our goal is to ensure the safety and well-being of companion animals (and horses), in
accordance with the provisions of the Animal Protection Act.

How can you help?
If you suspect animal abuse, neglect or abandonment, contact the Colorado Humane
Society & SPCA at (800) 249-5121, or file an online report at
If you live outside of the counties currently served, they will be happy to put you in
touch with the agency handling your county.
Courtesy of the Colorado Humane Society & SPCA,

Reporting Animal Neglect or Cruelty
Since animal cruelty occurs in a wide variety of settings, jurisdictions and situations the specifics of each occurrence will dictate what agency is responsible for investigation. While some larger municipal or county jurisdictions may have specific animal control units and officers, other areas may rely solely on their law enforcement officers or investigators commissioned by the Colorado Department of Agriculture Bureau of Animal Protection to investigate animal cruelty. Matters which involve  wildlife may be handled by law enforcement or Colorado Parks and Wildlife  Officers.

As a general rule, if you suspect animal neglect or cruelty, you can contact your local law enforcement agency and they can direct you to the appropriate investigative agency for that jurisdiction. Law enforcement should always be contacted in emergency situations (911) and/or if there is knowledge regarding animal cruelty in conjunction with other criminal behavior and/or violence and/or human maltreatment issues. They can also  coordinate with other necessary agencies and  resources as needed.

Reporting Resources:
The following agencies can investigate animal cruelty, however, some jurisdictions in these counties may also have animal control officers. Initial contact through the local law enforcement agency dispatch can direct you to the appropriate investigative agents.

County: Saguache
Saguache County Sheriff’s Office (719) 655-2544

County: Huerfano
Colorado Humane Society (800) 249-5121
Huerfano County Sheriff’s Office (719) 276-5555

County: Alamosa
Alamosa County Sheriff’s Office (719) 589-6608
Colorado Humane Society (800) 249-5121

County: Rio Grande
Rio Grande County Sheriff’s Office (719) 657-4000

County: Costilla
Colorado Humane Society (800) 249-5121
Costilla County Sheriff’s Office (719) 672-0673

County: Conejos
Colorado Humane Society (800) 249-5121
Conejos County Sheriff’s Office (719) 376-2196

County: Mineral
Mineral County Sheriff’s Office (719) 658-2575

The Colorado Humane Society and SPCA  is the designated investigative agency for  animal neglect and cruelty in numerous Colorado counties and provides three ways to report by:

  • calling their toll free animal cruelty hotline (1-800-249-5121) or
  • calling Crimestoppers (Metro Denver)   (720-913-STOP (7867) or by text at  274637 (CRIMES), then title DMCS and enter the message) or
  • reporting online

PACFA – Pet Animal Care Facilities Act

Main Office: 
305 Interlocken Parkway
Broomfield, CO 80021
(303) 869-9000

The Pet Animal Care Facilities Act (PACFA) Program is a licensing and inspection program dedicated to protecting the health and well-being of animals in pet care facilities throughout Colorado.

To file a complaint on a licensed or unlicensed Colorado facility, please click here to be redirected to the Pet Animal Care Facilities Act Complaint Form.

Colorado Federation of Animal Welfare Agencies

Colorado Federation of Animal Welfare Agencies
P.O. Box 22603
Denver, CO 80222

The Colorado Federation of Animal Welfare Agencies (CFAWA) was formed in 1954 as the Colorado Federation of Animal Welfare Societies. The name was changed in 1988. Today, CFAWA has over 50 member agencies state-wide and is a federation of local, county, and state animal care, control, and health organizations.

CFAWA concentrates on issues that impact animals and communities in Colorado. Through professional development, advocacy, and collaboration CFAWA represents a powerful voice in the protection of companion animals in Colorado. CFAWA is committed to make Colorado a network of humane communities for all pets and people.

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