Elevation K9

“Every dog deserves a chance to live a balanced, happy life.”

Elevation K9 is a Canine Training Facility Located in Tres Piedras, NM! Elevation K9 also works with residents of the San Luis Valley, CO!


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"Elevation K9, created by Tad Schmidt, focuses on creating balanced relationships between people and their dogs through leadership, obedience, behavior modification, and socialization. Elevation K9 helps you create a functional, safe, relaxed home environment for the whole family. Elevation K9 helps you understand how we influence both the good and bad behaviors we see; we give you the guidance, tools, and knowledge to help you be the leader of your pack. Balanced dog training is real life dog training. It sets your dog up for success in many aspects of life. Focusing on structure, leadership, and guidance I help you improve the relationship you have with your dog. The relationship you have today does not have to be the relationship you have tomorrow. I help lead you into leading them. It is very important to properly communicate to your dog when they are doing something right and doing something wrong. I incorporate both positive and negative reinforcement to achieve this. This is called balanced dog training."
Tad Schmidt
Pack Leader

San Luis Valley Pet Resources is not directly affiliated with Elevation K9, but we do support and recommend them, and we applaud the level of care they provide for San Luis Valley Pets and their Owners!

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