The Colorado ARC will be designated as a “no kill” sanctuary, and will foster and promote the well-being and comfort of large ranch, companion, and exotic animals in a safe and secure environment while working to educate the public and provide animal therapy, physical and behavioral rehabilitation, and training. Located in Mosca, Colorado!


Coming Soon

The Colorado Animal Rescue Center (Colorado ARC) just recently began construction on their facility outside of Mosca, CO, and the project completion date has not yet been determined. In the mean time, you can contact them for more information about the rescue center/sanctuary, and find out how you can help!


The more we give, the happier we feel! Volunteering with an animal shelter, rescue organization, or animal sanctuary can make a huge impact in the lives and well-being of the animals! Please contact Colorado Animal Rescue Center for more information about how you can help and become a volunteer!

 “Birds, snakes, fish, turtles, caiman, hedgehogs and much more will be welcomed and cared for at our facility or with our partners. Every animal deserves a chance and the ARC can handle them. The ARC will put a large emphasis on wolves and wolfdogs, and the New Guinea singing dog.” 

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San Luis Valley Pet Resources is not directly affiliated with Colorado Animal Rescue Center, but we do our best to support them and the work they do for the animals in the SLV! We try to keep our shelter and rescue pages as current and up to date as possible so you are given accurate information regarding each animal welfare organization.

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