Spay Colorado is a nonprofit program of the Foundation for Protection of Animals, based in Durango, Colorado, with funds available to assist qualified San Luis Valley Residents with donor-subsidized spay/neuter services for cats & kittens and pit bulls & pit bull mixes!


Spay Colorado's Mission is to mitigate the suffering and euthanasia of homeless pets in Colorado by connecting pet owners with affordable spay/neuter solutions in their area! Funds are available to help qualified San Luis Valley residents with donor-subsidized spay/neuter services for cats & kittens and pit bulls & pit bull mixes at the Monte Vista Animal Clinic!

Participating Veterinarians

Spay Colorado has partnered with the Monte Vista Animal Clinic to bring affordable spay/neuter services for cats & kittens and pit bulls & pit bull mixes, to qualified San Luis Valley residents. Vouchers are for SPAY OR NEUTER SURGERIES ONLY! Any other services, such as vaccinations, must be paid by owner.

About Spay Colorado

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“Studies show that puppies and kittens as small as 2 lbs and as young as 8 weeks can be safely spayed and neutered with no adverse short or long-term effects to health or behavior. Organizations such as American Humane Association and the Humane Society of the United States endorse early spay/neuter procedures as an effective means to ensure that animals will not produce unwanted puppies and kittens that will ultimately be euthanized.”

Spay Colorado helped spay/neuter 936 cats & kittens and 195 pit bulls & pit bull mixes in Colorado in 2017! That's 1131 pets total!

Spay Colorado has Partnered with Monte Vista Animal Clinic in Monte Vista, CO!

San Luis Valley Pet Resources is not directly affiliated with Spay Colorado, but we do our best to support them and the work they do for the dogs and cats in the SLV! We try to keep our pages as current and up to date as possible so you are given accurate information regarding low income spay/neuter services.

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