Alamosa Small Animals​

Alamosa Small Animals, a 200 sq ft Pet store, carries a variety of small animal pets including gerbils, geckos, snakes, betta fish, freshwater tropical fish, parakeets, tarantulas, scorpions, toads, & feeders including frozen mice, crickets, dubia roaches, and super worms.

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Alamosa Small Animals is the San Luis Valley's Only Pet Store

The next closest pet stores to the San Luis Valley are in Pueblo, Colorado and Santa Fe, New Mexico!

ASA Outside
Image Provided by Alamosa Small Animals
Alamosa Small Animals
Image Provided by Alamosa Small Animals

Educator-Owned & Operated Small Business

ASA is owned and operated by full-time educators, Kevin & Autumn Wright, and for this reason, ASA’s hours are limited to Tuesday & Thursday evenings, and Saturdays, so be sure to check them out when you can! 

ASA is located at 529 Main Street, Suite #4, in the small indoor mall which includes the Ink Pusher and several other small businesses (look for the Ink Pusher sign next to Milagro’s Coffee House for the mall’s entrance). 

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